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Life can hand you painful experiences that leave you feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. You may feel depressed, worry a lot, have poor sleep patterns, feel irritable, or out of control. These symptoms may be causing problems in your relationships and overall functioning. You may be trying to deal with the situation on your own but realize you need some help. Therapy can help you sort through what you’re going through. 

My practice provides a safe, supportive, and nurturing space where you can work through these difficulties. A place where you can feel heard, seen, and understood. If we work together, you’ll tell your story, process what is causing you distress, learn how to manage your emotions, feel more equipped to cope, and ultimately more connected and positive about your life.

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Hello, I am Judith

I founded Centered Counseling Services, LLC to provide Trauma Informed Mental Health Services to those in need of a safe space to process and work through difficult issues.

How I practice

I work with adults. I provide individual in-person and online video therapy sessions. I also provide group therapy, and psycho-education groups/classes. I am currently only providing virtual sessions (Teletherapy) until further notice.

The issues I address;

Alcohol use, Codependency, Chronic stress, Coping skills, Depression, Emotional eating, Grief, Life Transitions, Relationship issues, Self-esteem, Sexual Abuse/Assault, Women’s Issues.


My Specialities

I specialize in working with women survivors of negative childhood experiences/trauma. Those seeking to end/stop transgenerational trauma. Untreated childhood trauma is often connected to the development of depression, anxiety, PTSD, emotional eating and addiction.

Insurance & Payments

I accept the following health Insurance

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue shield
  • Optima Health
  • Magellan/Medicaid
  • Cigna
  • Out of Network Benefits
  • Other forms of payments; Cash, Credit Cards, and Health Savings Accounts Cards

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